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Choosing insurance Companies
Its important to learn as much as you can about the insurance company you are with and how their service stacks up against the others in the industry, its great to save money but what if the companies don't want to pay for your claim or have some fine print that you didn't take the time to read.    learn more..
collector car insurance companies
One thing that is great about car insurance companies that cater to antique and collector car owners is that they know how much you care about your car, how you drive and the level of maintenance you put it through, this works in your favor, since the company is more likely to give favorable rates and a lower deductible to this user.  learn more..
antique collector car insurance
One thing that is hard to conclude is the cost of your car, the true or replacement cost, with a collector car you cant go to the dealer and buy another one so it is in the owners best interest to compare with other cars of the same condition and year, even get a professional appraisal to make sure if there was to be an accident you would get a full payout.   learn more..
Buying collector auto insurance
A mistake we see with first time collector car owners is not buying enough coverage or making a hasty decision to get some basic coverage and not replacement coverage, perhaps they have run out of money spending it all on their baby, but in the end you need replacement value too. Basic plpd coverage is not expensive for an antique because it is about the drive not the car they drive, its a cheep way to get your dream car on the road but if an accident happens your dream is gone.   learn more..
Free advice
There are a lot of tips and advice we would like to give you when it comes to insuring your collector car, things you need to do to make sure you are fully covered, appraisals and so much more. We can show you how to increase your deductible and save even more money, how to call in for discounts that aren't online. learn more..



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